How to Make a Website for Free

A free Website Builder app that is very easy to use.

Can you Create an Effective Website and get it Online for Free?

A free Website Builder app that is very easy to use.

Yes, you really can make a website to give your business or project an effective online presence, for free. Our experience building websites, and helping others build websites, has taught us that success is not determined by the amount of money you spend on website building tools.

Most website builders need you to believe that features will make your site more professional, because that is what they sell. The real key to creating a great website is to make it easy to understand and useful for your readers or clients.

Search engines think in the same way. Have a look at Google's Beginner's guide to Search Engine Optimization, to see how well it corresponds with the steps below.

Follow this simple step-by-step method: Play the game, complete each step, and see for yourself. It will help you create an engaging journey for your readers to understand what you do.

A free Website Builder app that is very easy to use.

How to Create a Free Website

  1. List everything your visitor could hope to find on your website

    Each person visiting your site may have a different question in mind.
    - Where are you?
    - How much does your product or service cost?
    - How can I contact you?
    - Who are you and why are you doing what you do?
    - When is your next event?
    - What is your latest work?

    We recommend taking a piece of paper and creating a list of all of the questions your visitors will want to see answered by your website. Cover everything that you do, and don't miss anything.

    Save time by planning the structure of your site before you start to make it.
    Both visitors and search engines prefer websites that are well organized and easy to understand.

  2. Separate topics, one topic per page

    Give each service, product, activity or event it's own page: One topic per page.
    Each page should help visitors quickly grasp the information they are looking for in the moment.

    How do you make a page quick and easy to read?
    - Break the page into sections with clear and descriptive titles.
    - Use language that's familiar to your readers, not technical jargon.
    - Keep sentences short and to the point.

  3. Create the other pages of your website before your homepage

    Following the one topic per page rule, most subjects can be explained in 2 to 5 short chapters, each with its own heading.

    How do you know if your chapters are well structured?
    - Make sure that the title of each section clearly describes the paragraph below.
    - Could someone guess what the section is about before even reading it.
    - Website visitors don't usually read all the content, so make sure your titles communicate as much as possible.

  4. Choose the right Title for each page of your website

    Choosing the best title for each page is a critical part of the website building game.
    - It's much easier to find the right title after the page is complete and well organized.
    - You get just one sentence to describe the content of the entire page.
    - Think about the words and phrases that your potential visitors are likely to use when searching for the topic of your page on Google.
    - Try to include the most popular keywords for each topic in the title of the page.

  5. Give your visitor an easy journey through your website

    Imagine yourself as a first-time visitor to your own website. Picture how you might go from one page to the next.

    Ensure that each page has links for easy navigation to the most relevant next page.
    - No matter where you are on the site, you should have easy access to the contact page, or other ways of getting in touch.
    - On a page about "Guesthouse Rooms", for example, potential next steps could include exploring local activities or making a reservation.
    - If you use a website builder like FreeSite, you will find that adding these links is quick and easy.

  6. Make your homepage last

    Your homepage should encourage visitors to explore other pages on your site.
    - Visitors arrive at your site with a specific question in mind, so focus on getting them to the relevant page quickly.
    - If a reader clicks a link to go to another page, it shows they are interested and ready to learn more about what you have to share.
    - Google will see that your site is engaging and relevant to visitors, leading to better search rankings.

    Achieve this by creating a brief overview of your site.
    - On your homepage, it's important to provide a concise summary of what you offer and why it's valuable.
    - As you write, if you come up with new ideas for your site, make new pages to cover these topics.
    - Use links right at the top to direct visitors to the important pages of your website.
    - If you use FreeSite, "Mega buttons" create an automatic preview of a linked page and provide an easy way to guide visitors to the key pages of your site.

  7. Choose the title of your homepage at the very end

    Beginners rarely apply this common practice that website professionals use when working on a client's site.
    - By creating all the content for your site first, it becomes easier to summarize it.
    - Have you adopted the language your potential readers use? Have you found the shortest and clearest way to explain what you do? If so, then you are ready to move on to the next step.
    - Think of short sentences that people searching for what you do might use to find your site for the first time. Most importantly, assume that they have never heard of you or your company.
    - Try a few searches on Google: which phrase or expression gives the results you would most like to see your website among?

    Write the title of your front page based on the search terms that most closely match the website you have built.

  8. Get some more advice from the Pros before you publish your site

    Here are a few of our best tips:
    - Highlight what you do best, and what sets you apart from others.
    - If you are a local business, state which region or town you are in.
    - Use images to illustrate your content, but remember that search engines understand text far better than they understand photos.
    - Update your site often. Search engines and visitors prefer websites with fresh content.
    - Improve your site by picturing how a first-time visitor will experience it. Can you make it easier to contact you? Could you make the actions a visitor can take more prominent?

  9. Choose FreeSite and this step-by-step way to create your free website becomes even easier

    - FreeSite will help you clearly organize your ideas and thoughts.
    - FreeSite will guide you in completing all the necessary technical details.
    - With FreeSite, you can update your website whenever and wherever you like, using your phone.

This web page creation app is here to help you build a clear internet site

FreeSite is designed to help you make an effective website for free
You can even connect a custom domain name to your free website

This web page creation app is here to help you build a clear internet site

If you think that all this sounds too simple. It is true, we haven't told you everything.

A website made with FreeSite also gives you, either quietly or automatically:
- Automatic meta data, file names, sitemaps, image alt tags, and GDPR cookie banners.
- Automatic creation of H1, H2, and H3 headings.
- "Lazy loading" of content on long pages, to optimize website speed.
- Responsive optimization for mobile phones and Google.
- The option to buy your own Domain Name at a regular price, with free HTTPS, and connect it to your free website.
- High-quality hosting on high-performance servers in the heart of Europe.
- A contact form that protects your email address from spam.

When your free website grows and you want more options for managing your web presence, including upgrades like Open Graph for Facebook and E-commerce solutions, you can open your site with our Pro website builder, SimDif.

This web page creation app is here to help you build a clear internet site


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